Brechin Power Pull

9th & 10th August 2024

Brechin, Angus, DD96RL



The Scottish Tractor Pullers Club (STPC) was formed in 1985 and consists today of around 40 members who all strive to put on the very best tractor pulling events in Scotland. The STPC are the only club in the United Kingdom to own and operate a fully licensed ETPC sledge, complete with all relevant safety features. The STPC, together with the Cumbrian Tractor Pulling Club (CTPC), Midlands Tractor Pullers Club (MTPC) and the North West Tractor Pullers Club (NWTPC) are affiliated to the British Tractor Pullers Association (BTPA) who, along with a number of other European tractor pulling clubs, make up the European Tractor Pullers Committee (ETPC). The ETPC defines all safety and performance rules for all member countries, such as tractor classes and sledge rules. This enables tractors from all over Europe to pull together against each other in different countries. Although the STPC hold their own points championships, many Scottish Tractors compete in the BTPA championships alongside teams from the CTPC, the MTPC and the NWTPC. BTPA championship winners then have the option of travelling to the ETPC's European Championships, a two day event held in a different ETPC member country each year, for the chance to become a European Champion! The STPC are available to hire either as a stand alone event or as part of a larger agricultural show, ideal if you are looking for that extra attraction for your event.